Jonas Weigert

Product Engineer, Builder, Tinkerer

Code, Sites, Services, Packages, and more...

Work & Projects

Wanting to move at lightning speed and loving problem solving has lead me to build a series of tools to solve the common problems I keep running into.A series of fast launches can result in serving 3M requests to 250k users all over the world every month and governments start recommending the use of your services in their standards & design guides.


Ship More Faster

I believe in an approach to software development that revolves around shipping fast and often. This ultimately reduces risk and hesitation, while delivering more value to users.The impact of any bugs is also drastically reduced as the fix goes live just as quickly reducing the overall impact.

  1. Make decisions with data

  2. Release fast and keep shipping

  3. Rely on automation to keep moving

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Let's talk

From VC funded startups looking for advice on how to design their architecture and automate their processes, to developers starting their first side project, I am always excited to hear what others are working or stuck on, and how I can help. If this sounds like you, get in touch.